"...The women featured are fresh-faced and have hot natural bodies that will prove more than satisfying while you ogle their photos..."
October 17, 2009
Score 81 of 100
Rabbit's Reviews

"...With such a beautiful collection of high quality original scenes, Just Nude definitely deserves a look from fans of softcore erotic photography...."
September 24, 2009
Score - 83.5 of 100
The Best Porn

"...Just Nude features amazing photography and beautiful, fresh faced girls. These are the girls dreams are made of, the girls that run through fields of lilies - nude - so that you can watch them slowly wash off the sheen of sweat and pollen in an outdoor bubble bath. Then they touch themselves and each other a little bit (in the dappled sunshine) and giggle and all sorts of naked frolicking happens. Itís all very happy and light, and sexy in a healthy youth kind of way."
July 11, 2009
Score 9 of 10
Monica's Porn Reviews

"...With a portfolio of models that are completely amateur in background, as well as only featuring them in softcore posing and modelling sets, JustNudeis exactly what it says in its title!..."
May 27, 2009
Score - 8.5 of 10
Honest Porn Reviews

"...The best, and I mean the best part of the site here is the women. They are very gorgeous! I really liked the attractiveness of them all. That is what really sold me on Just Nude as being a good site. Everything is in line, but the women are absolutely beautiful!..."
August 13, 2007
Score 79 of 100
Porn Living

"...Gorgeous young Russian women have a classic beauty unmatched anywhere in the World. With their high cheek bones, classic facial profiles, curvaceous figures, sensual skin texture and smiling, sexy eyes - these are feminine attributes a man could die for..."
August 2007
Score - 89 of 100
Guide to Porn

"...the quality, the lighting, the softness and subtleness will sweep you away into a land of a dream holding a girl you use to know, or maybe one that you are hoping to find. There is so much sexiness that can be displayed without the rawness of it becoming porn, and this site is one that backs up my statement..."
May 22, 2007
Score - 4.3 of 5
Porn Inspector

"...On Just Nude you will not find pictures taken in cheap hotels or at sleazy backyards. All the photosets were made in beautiful forests, beaches, parks, city locations, etc..... I am impressed with the quality of the pictures, as well with the quality of the models..."
April 1, 2007

"...I absolutely enjoyed the sets. They mostly have only 20-35 images per gallery, but those are good. There's a lot of outdoor sets, with various beautiful scenery. For those interested in the level of nudity: the girls don't cover themselves up, but don't expect closeups. As art, it's only a tiny bit behind the top pages of the genre, and that's because it's not the aim here. I like the outcome, it's light, simple and beautiful..."
March 31, 2007
Score 86 of 100
Adult Site Surfer

"...In this day of DVD-crammed megasites, this little jewel is one that you might dismiss out of hand, and that would be a shame. There's some really great photo porn here, and it deserves consideration..."
February 13, 2007
Score 8.2 of 10
Elite Porn Reviews

"...There are many words I could (and will) use to capture the essence of this site: exquisite, charming, captivating, sensual, professional, inspiring, refreshing, classy, and certainly TASTEFUL!
As a commercial photographer, I was refreshed to see that the adult photographers contributing to Just Nudes knew what 'magic hour' is all about. Not only are the leggy firm bodies nudes a treat for the eyes on their own, but when surrounded by the scenic outdoors and bathed in setting sunlight, each and every photo is a filling dessert for the eyes, mind, and soul. The women featured are as naturally seductive as they are beautiful and the variety of settings for their poses are just as rich as the charms they posses. Russia and Ukraine are home to most of the models at this site, and after perusing the galleries, I am inspired to take a trip to Moscow via Kiev..."

January 15, 2007
Score - 100 of 100
Pam's Reviews

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